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Are You Ready for the F-Bomb?

This is something every 50+ job seeker must embrace

➔ We recently read an account of a journalist who covers the HR space about his 3-day trip to Las Vegas for HR Transform 2022 conference. It was a gathering for HR leaders and entrepreneurs with a focus on the modern workplace. They discussed ways HR professionals can shape the workplace and the employee experience.

He pointed out that “It didn’t matter the conversation or the panel topic, before leaving the stage, nearly every speaker dropped the F-bomb: flexibility.”

It’s a Whole New World

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past 25 years, you know that the workplace has changed and continues to change. Along with it, job seeking has changed as well. It’s possible that job seeking has even changed more than the workplace itself.

As the speakers at the Las Vegas conference hinted, one significant key in climbing this new workplace mountain is flexibility. Not only are the successful employers embracing flexibility, if you as a job seeker expect to be successful (re: get a job), you too must pick up the mantle of flexibility as you transverse from one potential employer to another.

This does not resemble your parents job search. Heck, this doesn’t even look familiar to your first job search however many decades ago.

Sure there are many employers who are desparately seeking applicants of all stripes – including their willingness to hire the older (50+) worker. But to get on the same page with them, to earn their serious consideration, you must be as flexible as they are.

No matter what form that flexibility takes – from hours, to compensation (notice we didn’t just say “salary”), to benefits, to culture, to… any number of things, older applicants especially need to demonstrate that you’re not “set in your ways.” You’re flexible. You’re willing to do whatever it takes to not just land the job, but to make that HR person a hero by becoming a top performer.


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