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Are You a Weak Candidate?

If you’re normal, you have weaknesses. We all do.

We’re only human.

➔ Have you ever met someone who has no weaknesses? Of course not. Even when you’re 20 years old and you’re completely smitten with the love of your life. Even then…

Why, some of us even have professional, or job-related weaknesses. Even Bill Gates. Even Steve Jobs. Even Elon Musk. Even Jeff Bezos. Even… No matter how successful you’ve been, no matter how adept you are at doing whatever it is that you do, you’re going to have a weakness or two.

So how do you deal with the job interviewer who asks, “What are your weaknesses?”

Not an easy question, but one that could have a critical impact on whether you land that job or not. So what to do?

Let’s start with what not to do. Rule #1: When asked “What are your weaknesses?” the absolute wrong answer is, “I don’t have any.” And, rule #2 is don’t lie.

According to the employment website Indeed, “The key to answering this common question in your job interview is to prepare by identifying weaknesses that still communicate strengths… also discuss the steps you're taking to improve on your weakness and turn it into a strength.”

How about… when you’re networking, ask someone what their impression would be if you said "this weakness" in response to the interviewer’s question. Another way of looking at it, how should you divulge or express "that weakness” if or when it comes up?

Regardless of how well you know that person, one has to assume a certain degree of honesty. After all, what do they have to lose? They’re not interviewing you. They’re not competing with you for that position. They have nothing to gain.

Especially if you ask several people the same question. Even if one is less than truthful, the others are likely to give you a straightforward reply.

Back to the matter at hand, this approach gives you a chance to “test” your response in a non-threatening, non-lethal environment. Armed with this information you’ll be able to answer the “weakness” question with confidence.


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