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An Offer Beckons

Don’t be afraid to ask yourself if this an offer you CAN refuse? This could be it. You’ve been waiting a long time for it. You could be getting a job offer. Now you can relax. Well, not really.

Getting a job offer presents a whole other group of issues with which to deal. The first and most basic question is: do you really want this job? Or, have you resigned yourself to taking the first thing that comes along. Like it or not. Good or bad. Realistically it’s not going to check all your boxes. But it had been check a few. If not, you’re either going to be really unhappy, or before long you’ll be back out on another job search. Which also will make you unhappy. Like it or not, experts say it’s not a good idea to either accept or reject a job on the spot. Most employers are understanding enough if you say that you’d like to think about it for a day or two. And it’s good to take the time to reflect. Consider the pros and cons. Discuss it with your spouse; check with a friend or colleague. Different perspectives can be real eye openers. If there are boxes that this job doesn’t check, it’s totally acceptable to inquire as to how flexible the company may be on that topic. Flexible hours. Vacation time. Professional development. All that and more should be open for discussion. And if the company is not open to discuss any of these types of things, are you willing to walk away? That may be one of the most difficult questions in all of your job search, but it’s also one that you should be prepared to consider. One final thought: you’re totally within your rights to ask for the final job offer in writing. Don’t be afraid to exercise that right.


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