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Don’t be afraid to ask for help or to involve anyone, everyone in your job search

➔ In many respects a job search can be a lonely endeavor. But it doesn’t have to be, nor should it.

There is no reason why, at the very least, you can’t involve your spouse in your job search. For as many people as you know, your spouse probably knows that many and maybe more. They all should have received the “heads up” that you’re looking.

Exponential math is an amazing thing.

Widen your scope

If you have adult children, they also can be enlisted as allies in your job search. Why not? It many respects it all comes down to a numbers game. The more people who know you’re looking, the more people who will be looking out for you, the more likely it is that one of them may have that gold nugget for which you’re searching.

Your spouse and/or your other family members can be sounding boards, reviewers and editors of your resume, your cover letters, your LinkedIn profile, etc. Family members may feel more free to offer “painful” advice if and when it’s needed. Much more so than those outside your family.

Regardless, in the end, all those other “outside eyes” can be invaluable.

Depending on your relationships, someone you know well may even help with mock interviews or as a “job search buddy.” That’s someone who meets with you regularly, or semi-regularly to review your progress and offer advice or direction.

Although you may be all alone in your job search, it doesn’t mean that you have to go it alone.


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