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A Whole New World

The online environment is here to stay for job seekers

➔ Over the past decade, more and more attention has been paid to the intrusion of the online influence on the business of job seeking. Seemingly you can’t turn around with someone talking about online this, and online that.

The bottom line is that the pervasiveness of online activities in job seeking is not going away any time soon. As older job seekers, whether you like it or not, you had better to learn to deal with it.

Around every corner

Let’s start at the end. Jobs are posted online. Jobs are applied for online. Jobs are filled online. Job interviews are held online. Even some jobs themselves are performed online. One begins to think that a massive power outage will bring the nation to its knees.

All of this should be enough to make an older job seeker shudder – and rightfully so. But, as with most things, there is another side to consider.

Working in your favor

How much easier is it for you to find open jobs and apply for them now? A lot. Sure you may have to deal with an automated tracking system (ATS) which may arbitrarily filter you out, but you’re still out there and someone has to fill that job. Why not you?

Beyond applications, think about what LinkedIn does for your job search? Employers – and recruiters – with jobs who never heard of you from Adam may find you on LinkedIn. What’s more, LinkedIn offers significant advantages over a simple resume. You can present and position yourself in precisely the way you desire. You’re not confined to a job application to tell your story.

Also, if you’re lacking in one skill or another, you can learn online – even to the point of gaining actual certification in something. Additionally, some online training is free. Sit at home in your pajamas and learn a new job skill. Where’s the bad?

Granted, the online world of job seeking poses many challenges – especially for the older job seeker. But, on balance, there is much there to embrace. Go for it.


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