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A Possible Link to Your Next Job

Contemporary jobs are found using contemporary tools

If you’re not actively using LinkedIn as part of your job search, here are several million reasons as to why you should.

First, there are more than 450 million LinkedIn users globally – of those, 130 million are in the U.S. That’s more than one out of every three people – total – in the country. What’s more, 40 percent of them check their accounts daily.

Second, people over the age of 50 represent about one-third of all LinkedIn users.

Third, recruiters use LinkedIn to check 96 percent of job candidates. Many (most?) times, LinkedIn is the first place they look. LinkedIn is used solely by 48 percent of all recruiters.

On any given day, there are more than 300 million jobs listed on LinkedIn. LinkedIn averages more than 44,000 mobile job applications per day.

Using your profile settings, you can customize your LinkedIn URL to include your name. It’s not a bad idea to include your LinkedIn URL on your resume and your business card along with your email address.

Fortunately LinkedIn will tell you if your profile is not 100 percent complete. This is important because, if your profile is not complete, LinkedIn’s algorithms will either downgrade you in search or possibly not see you at all.

LinkedIn is a prime example of how the job-search world has changed. If you’re not changing along with it, you’re just not in the game.


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