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A Hard Dose

A sense of reality is something to keep in overabundance

➔ Yes. We all wish we were 40 again. (Or 30, or 20.) But for those of us here on planet Earth, we know that’s never going to happen. You are who you are. You can’t change it.

If you’re 50, or 55, or (gasp!) 60 or older, you can’t hide it. Recruiters, HR staff and hiring managers are not stupid. They can do the math. No matter how hard you try to hide it, they’re going to know what your age is.

Face the music

Think of it this way: You want – and expect – them to be honest with you. Don’t you? Conversely, why would you be anything less than honest with them? And, for those who aren’t honest, do you really want to work for them? And, the reverse is also true. If you’re something less than honest with them, they’re going to find out and will they, then, want to hire you? Probably not.

If they don’t want to hire you because you’re old – yes, we know it’s illegal – but the reality is that they’re going to find out. And they’ll create another excuse not to hire you. And when they do find out, the situation will immediately become, shall we say, awkward.

And, don't abbreviate your resume – they’re not that stupid You are what you are; and that's ok. You can't hide your age. You can't make yourself 40 again. Everyone would rather you just be honest. If they're not going to hire you because you’re old, fine. Let's get that on the table up front. Let’s deal with it right away, and if it is an issue for the employer, fine.

Better to learn that at the outset rather than make your life miserable somewhere down the line. They are going to figure it out. Rest assured of that.

The solution? It’s simple. Get them to focus on your talents, your skills, and what you bring to the table. These are things that will directly affect the way you will do your job. And if they’re that hung up on your age, fine. Move on.


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