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3 Ways To Age-Proof Your Resume & LinkedIn Profile

The technology they leverage to apply for jobs
may be screening them out of consideration

by Cheryl Simpson and Jenna Arcand at

older man in chair at home with laptop

The Missed Business Opportunity of Ageism


The U.S. currently has 2 million more retirees
than what was expected

by Scott Benedict at

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These job search sites help match applicants with employers – many of these sites feature employers who are seeking more mature workers.   Get FREE!

Woman Warns Job Seekers After Almost Falling for Employment Scam

After four years of retirement, Shirley Delk was ready to get back into the job market

by Kelsy Mittauer at

biz woman with folder


Follow the Money
As a 50+ job seeker you need to prove
why your experience is worth more

➔    One of the main objectives for job seekers during an interview is to try to sell themselves to this potential employer. One way to accomplish this to expound on all your magnificent skills and your notable achievements. But you can go too far.

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Nearly 40 percent of hiring managers have lied to candidates during interviews.

                                                        — CNBC 

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