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My Greener Future:
For the Over 50 Crowd

As you reach 50 and older, there are certain things
you need to know and do to make it in the marketplace

by William Kaufmann at

Older man on street

How to Create a LinkedIn Profile Recruiters Actually Read

Every minute, eight job candidates are hired through LinkedIn

by Hannah Baes at

Businessman at desk



These job search sites help match applicants with employers – many of these sites feature employers who are seeking more mature workers.   Get FREE!

A Love of Tinkering Turns Into a Career

After 25 years of working her way up the ladder,
she became part of a mass layoff


Older man standing in shop


Breaking Good
Getting through the clutter is your first challenge

➔    One of the keys to landing your next job is your ability to stand out from the crowd; to break through the clutter.  On average, it's common for a job opening to attract anywhere from 100 to 250 applications.

       So.  What can you do to make that prospective employer notice and remember you?

Collaborating at Work


“I just want to take my head and hit it against the wall…I meet so many candidates and think, ‘You should have a job already.’”—Joseph Jewell, a tech recruiter, on the current hiring outlook

                                         — The Wall Street Journal

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