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The Fastest Growing Demographic
In The Workforce? People Over Age 75

A new analysis by Pew Research Center finds that the share of older Americans who are working has nearly doubled since 1987

by Emmy Lucas at

man looking over shoulder

Layoffs are Everywhere Lately.
How to Turn Career Setbacks into Springboards


Countless high-performing, dedicated employees
have been handed pink slips

by John Anderer at

older woman in office



These job search sites help match applicants with employers – many of these sites feature employers who are seeking more mature workers.   Get FREE!

More Seniors are Working. Here's How to Appeal to This Growing Demographic

In 2023, the share of Americans ages 65 and older who are working almost doubled from 35 years ago

by Sarah Lynch at

older woman at desk


Don’t Worry. Be Employable.
You have little control over today’s (and tomorrow’s)
world of work

➔    Pundits can’t stop themselves from postulating about the world of work. “In 20 years this will happen.” “In 10 years the world of work will look like…” All ranges of experts claim that they have peculiar insight into what tomorrow’s employees will look like and what they will be doing to earn their keep. The law of averages says that one or two of them may be right – if they’re lucky. Of course, the keyword there is lucky.

Warehouse Worker


By modifying 100 real CVs for a specific job listing and comparing them with their original versions,  ChatGPT made an average of 14 embellishments per CV, with changes ranging from slight rewordings to substantial additions in skills and experiences.


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