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You Can Wear Many Hats

There are many paths to follow for today’s older worker

First, the bad news. In times such as these, quite often older workers are the first to be let go and it’s more than likely they will be the ones who are out of work and looking longer than any other age group. What’s more, it’s also likely that, when they do find work, older workers will end up making less money than they were before.

Second, the good news. And, yes Virginia, there is good news. The good news is that, today, there are far more opportunities for older workers to carve out their own paths to re-employment.

Job Search Options

First and foremost, don’t restrict yourself to finding a full-time job. The days of the safe and secure corporate job are long gone. You are really limiting yourself if you restrict your search to a full-time job with a company. Not that it won’t happen. It does. And often. While that may be the main avenue of your search, it need not be your only route.

Think about it. You can wear many hats: You can have more than one job. (i.e. Two part-time jobs.) You can have a "side hustle" where you can make additional income from an online venture or some other income source.

You can own a franchise. Depending on your circumstances, you may run that business but you don’t have to manage the day-to-day operations of that business. With a good on-site manager, your involvement may only need be two, three, or four days a week.

You can start your own business or consulting firm. Filings indicate a record number of start ups during 2020. You may not have to stick with it until retirement, but it may certainly be something you do as a “side hustle” while you’re searching for regular, full-time employment.

Another option is to follow your heart. You can pursue your passion and work for a non-profit organization. Depending on your circumstances, many non-profits would love to have someone with your background and experience. Granted, you probably won’t earn as much as before, but you’ll be doing work you love for a cause or need which has captured your devotion.

There are many offerings in the hat department. Don’t be afraid to try something on.


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