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What’s Your Objective?

At the end of the day your objective is to get a job

➔ With all the changes taking place in the 21st Century job search world, there are a lot job search techniques and practices that are coming under the microscope as well. Among those is the debate as to whether or not you should include an objective on your resume.

It could go either way

Unfortunately this is one of those topics where there are legitimately two sides to the story. The traditionalist claim that including your objective helps define you as a candidate and potential employee.

There are also many who say that openly stating your work objective may limit you or cause you to miss out potential positions when hiring managers don’t feel that the job objective matches your objective close enough, or close enough to meet their standards. And, you lose.

There also are those who argue that the hiring manangers don’t really care about you and/or what you want. They have a job to fill and need to decide if you are a viable candidate. In short, do they care what you want, or are they more intersted in what you’re bringing to the table as in your work-related experience.

They don’t care what you want. They care only about how you can help them. Back to your experience again.

Funny how discussions about older people looking for jobs always seems to come back to their work experience and how that can help them when job seeking.


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