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What’s Buzzin’ Ain’t Bees

Employers hate buzzwords as much as you do

➔ You can make a very strong argument that LinkedIn has had the greatest impact on the job-search world in more than a just couple of the past decades.

The data varies, but it can be staggering. Some say recruiters use LinkedIn to resolve more than nine times out of ten in job searches and candidate vettings. Others claim that in 70 percent of all professional job placements, LinkedIn plays some significant role.

And you know what they say, numbers don’t lie. So when LinkedIn speaks about job seekers and the job-search process, it might be wise to pay attention.

What’s the buzz?

LinkedIn compiled its list of the most popular “buzzwords” that candidates in the U.S. “most rely on to describe themselves and their professional experience.” This is not to say that you should never use them, but experts point out that your summary must not be overpopulated with these buzzwords and that, if you do use one, be certain that you can back it up with some concrete examples that will separate you from the pack of candidates and demonstrate your worth to a prospective employer.

The bottom line is: it’s OK to use them; but use them sparingly and not without justification.

Are you ready? Without further ado, here – in no particular order – are LinkedIn’s top ten buzzwords:

  • specialize

  • experienced

  • skilled

  • leadership

  • passionate

  • expert

  • motivated

  • creative

  • strategic

  • focused

It might be a good idea to compare this checklist against – not only your LinkedIn profile, but also against all your job search marketing materials: your resume, cover letter, etc. You want to create buzz, not be masked over by it.


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