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What Do You Seek?

Can we help you find it?

➔ Well, a job is the obvious answer. Alright. But let’s look past the forest for the trees. Let’s peel that onion back just a little and see what’s really there.

Yes. You’re looking for a job. Is that it? A job? Any job? Or are you looking for the next step in your career path? Are you looking for a particular kind or level of position? Are you tired of the rat race and zero in on rewarding work where you’re giving something back? And, just as important, what are you willing to settle for? These are all critically important questions you need to ask yourself before putting yourself out there.

But, wait. There’s more.

Maybe it’s remuneration. You’re looking for a certain salary level. Just as we noted earlier, is there a number below which you can’t accept any position? How hard and fast are you with that number? And what are you truly willing to settle for?

A lot is said these days about culture fit. How important is an organization’s culture to you? How comfortable would be working in an environment that runs against your grain? If you’re accustomed to a fast-paced, high energy environment, would you be comfortable in a low-key, laid back culture? Maybe such a change would be welcome, or… anathema.

These are questions that you really must address first. Your answers will help establish your clarity of vision regarding your next position. And, how you answer them will affect many other facets of your job search as well. Your answers will determine your approach to networking – both individual networking – who you invite for coffee or who you seek out for informational interviews – as well as group networking – will you be going to the local chamber luncheon or a meeting of a professional society? Those decisions will be driven by your strategies and your pre-determined parameters.

Before you start on your journey – especially a journey of such importance – it helps to know where you are headed.


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