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What Are You Really Looking For?

A seasoned interviewer will recognize – and act upon – the difference

➔ There are so many cliches surrounding job seeking that one could most likely write an entire book examining them all. If you spoke with a hundred different people you would probably find that each one has a personal favorite.

One very popular saying is that “people hire people.” They don’t hire your resume. They don’t hire your background or experience. They don’t hire your credentials. They hire you!

Getting to you

So how does one hack away at the undergrowth to reveal their true self? It’s no cliche to state that the key concept there is “true self.” If you expect to be a successful job hunter, you must first evaluate who you are and what you’re looking for.

If you’re an active job seeker you’ve probably come across many others just like you. And if you spent any amount of time with them, they will very likely open up to you and share their hopes and dreams for their job searches.

Unfortunately, there will be at least a few who just want a job. “I don’t care what it is, I just want a job.” They are probably the ones who have been looking the longest.

Don’t think for one minute that savvy interviewers can see right through that. That’s not the kind of candidate they’re seeking. No one wants to hire someone at their organization who will view their position as “just a job.” They want someone who wants to make something of themselves and, in turn, makes something of the organization as well.

There are people who just want a job as opposed to people who want to work on something, who want to achieve something, who want to attain something. Which are you?

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