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Turning the Tables

We request the pleasure of your employment…

➔ If you’re typical, you probably begin most interactions with potential employers with something like this: “I would welcome the opportunity to work for your fine organization…” or, “I’ve always admired your company and your fine products…” or, “I would be excited to be a part of your exceptional team…”

Blah, blah, blah

Can you even imagine how many people approach potential employers by slathering all over them in this fashion? Can you even imagine how insincere and phony that sounds? Can there be a way to sound positive and assertive without making the hiring manager struggle to keep down his lunch?

This may sound obvious but to get noticed (by an employer) you have to stand out from the crowd. And if the crowd is telling them how wonderful they are, maybe an alternative approach is needed.

Start by telling them how wonderful YOU are. “I have experience…” “I’m reliable and dependable…” etc. Or, “Here is what I bring to the table…” “Here is how I can help my next employer…”

And, here’s the real twist: “I am searching for an employer that shares this approach…” “I am searching for an employer that values (what you bring to the table)…” Don’t let them forget that you’re evaluating them as much as they’re evaluating you. Interviews are a two-way street and you have every right and responsibility to turn them down as much as they can turn you away. You have values and standards, and as a responsible employee, you owe it to yourself to find the best company possible to share your talents.

It should be pointed out that being too blunt along those lines isn’t good either. Rude and overbearing is no way to go. Rather, show them that you are an intelligent, thinking individual who is looking for the right fit for you, your family and your career.


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