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Time to Fake it

Practice makes perfect

➔ There’s that old phrase “fake it till you make it.” While that may be appropriate in some instances, that’s hardly a wise strategy during a job search. Playing it straight while job seeking is the only way to go.

Rehearse. Rehearse. Rehearse.

The most important element of the job search process is the job interview. This is where you ultimately sell yourself or get cast to the wayside. It’s make or break time.

Given the importance of the interview, doesn’t it make sense to be as fully prepared as possible for this crucial activity? Doing homework on the company and the job is one thing. There are plenty of resources to arm the job seeker with sufficient background. But what about the interview itself?

Finding a genuine and trusted friend with whom you can conduct a mock interview is not a new idea. Many job seekers have done this for many, many years. The 2022 good news is that it’s easier – and arguably more beneficial – than ever to “bone up” for the experience.

What makes it easier and more beneficial many times over is the online interview experience. This is especially significant now with more and more interviews are being conducted online. You can create a simulated interview online easier than ever before. With the exception of yours and your mock interviewer’s time, there is virtually no expense to you to do it.

An additional benefit that didn’t (reasonably) exist prior to the online experience, is that you most likely will be able to record your mock interview right on your computer. Not only do you have the opportunity to play out the interview, you also can go back and review the recording of the mock interview to critique your performance. You also can share that recording with others (i.e. spouse, recruiter, etc.)

It’s true that in all probability you ultimately will have to endure the live interview, but with today’s technology you gain an important leg up against your competition by honing your interview skills.

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