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This Time It’s Personal

Personal websites are not required, however…

➔ One of the newer facets of the 21st Century job search is the concept of having your own, personal website. While they’re not for everyone, they can pay dividends.

First, you don’t need to know programming, coding or to be any kind of technology wizard. There is a plethora of personal website templates out there where all you need to do is to replace what’s in the template with your own information, images, etc.

Of course there is bad news

The bad news for a personal website is that they’re not for everyone. In particular, people who in non-creative fields such as accounting or law, or possibly blue collar individuals may not benefit from having a personal website.

But if you’re in an occupation where you visually can show your work, or possibly if you have a side hustle, personal websites are an ideal vehicle for displaying your end-result product(s). In addition, most everything you place there will be custom – your work. Text as well as photos can be distinctive.

While resumes and LinkedIn typically show the unvarnished you, with a personal website you showcase your personality and creativity. Your site will also demonstrate that you have taken the initiative to create one and you’re sufficiently comfortable with the technology necessary to build the site.

What’s more, with HR types searching all brands of social media, a personal website gives you one more chance at being found electronically.


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