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Things Are Hot All Over

But your job search may be luke warm

➔ All the data and all the expert opinions say that this is one of the best – if not the best – job market in decades. That may be so. We won’t argue.

Yet older job seekers seem to be having problems landing suitable employment. Or, at least, it’s taking them a lot longer. Why so?

Be wary of the bandwagon

Just because there are “hiring” signs in every other store front; just because the government released strong job numbers; just because everyone seems to be talking about the shortage of workers; just because of all that, don’t assume that you’re going to find a job tomorrow.

Finding a job is just a bit more complicated than all of that.

If you want a job, any job, that’s probably easy enough today. If, however, you’re looking for something stable, something rewarding, something commensurate with your experience and talents – now that’s another story.

That’s not to say that those jobs aren’t out there. They are. And people – including older job seekers – find them… everyday.

But they don’t grow on trees and they don’t fall into your lap.

If you want a “good” job, you need to conduct a quality job search – a job search for which you’re well prepared; a job search that is well defined; and a job search that has been well researched.

In short, a quality job search, will produce a quality job. Now, if all you want is a paycheck, you can do that too.


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