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Employee movement is good for job seekers

In good times and bad, whether the job market is strong or weak, there are always people changing jobs. Economic times will determine how many people are moving, but it’s a safe bet that some workers are always on the move.

Of course, this is good news for the job seeker. When job holders move from one position to another, that creates an opening for someone to fill their old spots. As a job seeker, for you that spells opportunity. When there is an opening, it doesn’t follow that the job in question will be filled by someone who is already holding job. An opening is an opening and anyone can fill it.

On any given day there are a lot of people who aren’t happy with their current situation and those people eventually will start looking. When they find something and leave their present job, VOILA! there is a job opening for you!

This scenario – just like everything in the job market – has been strongly affected by the Covid-catastrophe. One side effect has been that, during the early stages and during the height of the pandemic, many of these unhappy job holders put their exit strategies on hold waiting for the pandemic to end.

A lot of the people who weren’t happy in their jobs before the pandemic still aren’t happy and as things start to open up – which in many areas they are – they are going to be on the move. There will be a growing number of openings left behind by the pent-up demand that has been building during the pandemic.

That spells opportunity for the job seeker. That represents a glimmer of hope for you.


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