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The New Normal

It ain’t ‘back in the day’ anymore

➔ Even if you’ve only been in the job market a few weeks, you’ve probably already realized that looking for a job today is vastly different from the last time you experienced it. Also food for thought – that job at the end of the road may be just as different as well.

It’s not a nice reality to confront, but because of your age you will be treated differently.

But I’m still me

Let’s start with the reality that you probably won’t be making as much money as you were before. In fact, there is a good chance that your salary level is why you’re looking for a job in the first place. We have a contact who was told, “We can hire two 27-year olds for what we’re paying you!” That’s what’s called “financial reality.”

This may cause you to sharpen your pencil when re-evaluating the household budget. However… the good news is that you may have already done that when trying to pare your expenses to adjust to losing your salary when you lost your job. You may have learned that you can exist on a lot less money that you previously realized. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

While you may have to accept a position that pays less than you were earning before, it’s altogether possible that you may be able to work your way back up to that level before too long. Employers are realizing that, in this job market, it pays to keep employees who are reliable, dedicated, committed, etc. In other words, you!

It may end up being a temporary set back as opposed to a life-changing downturn.


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