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The More Things Change…

It may seem hard to believe but there are constants in the job search world

Sometimes it seems like all that we hear is how different things are in today’s workplace and how it is a new day for those job seekers who desire to be part of that new workplace.

Of course there is truth to that. Automated Tracking Systems (ATS), LinkedIn, online jobs boards, etc., they are all a part of the new job search landscape. And if you expect to be successful in that new world, you had better know how to play those games, and how to play them well.

Where has all the normalcy gone?

All said, there are still constants to today’s job search world. And fortunately for older job seekers, those constants generally tend to play right into our strengths.

And just what hasn’t changed? A lot. There is an old adage that still rings true today: people hire people. When you are fortunate enough to land an interview, if the employer “likes you” (for whatever reason) and there is some “chemistry” there, you’ve got the inside track on landing that job.

Similar to when you first entered the workforce (decades ago), employers place a high premium on values. Now, those precise values will vary from one employer to another, but they are still very open to hiring people who are punctual, reliable, dedicated, diligent, – all traits (and more) which can be found in most older job candidates.

In the job search, it’s good to sell to your strengths.


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