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The Long and Short of it

We’re living longer and working longer as well

One of the most glaring, widespread and haunting myths affecting older workers is that they won’t stay around very long. They’re all going to retire at 65.

There are probably 65 reasons why that is just so wrong. We personally know people in their 80s who continue to work full time – most because they want to as opposed to having to. Then there is a guy we know who just accepted a new position with a major U.S. corporation at age 59½.

And they’re not alone.

Some people think that 65 is just a speed limit

OK. Let’s start at the top. Joe Biden was 78 years and two months when he became president. The oldest person in history to assume the office.

For the younger set, NPR reports that, “About one in four adults age 65 and older is now in the workforce. That number is expected to increase, making it the fastest-growing group of workers in the country.” But, there’s more. The Washington Post notes that a record number of folks age 85 and older are working.

According to U.S. News & World Report, the four major reasons people 65 and older continue to work are:

  • Find fulfillment in an organization's work.

  • Improve your retirement finances.

  • Continue to support worthy causes.

  • Stay engaged and mentally sharp.

Anyone you know? Here’s a short list of older celebrities who are still “out there”: Mel Brooks, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Danny Glover, Louis Gossett Jr., Anthony Hopkins, Samuel L. Jackson, James Earl Jones, Christopher Lloyd, Sophia Loren, Rita Moreno, Al Pacino, Dick Van Dyke, Betty White and Billy Dee Williams.

And, let’s not forget Tony Bennett winning a Grammy at age 85. Also, after selling 72 million albums – including outselling the Beatles in 1966 – 86-year old Herb Alpert is still touring.

Why, the rest of us are just getting warmed up.


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