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The Loneliest Number

Just give me one good reason

➔ You want one good reason? We can give you that, but you have to be open to the idea that one good reason might be worth it. And what if that one good reason just happens to help you land that next job? Then would it be worth it?

Who’s to say?

As a job seeker you need to be always vigilant, always on the lookout for something, anything that might give you an edge in your search. One problem is that those reasons aren’t readily apparent.

How often do you hear job seekers moan about “another networking event,” “another webinar,” “another informational interview.” We understand that it’s easy to get discouraged. “How many of these things do I have to attend before I uncover something worthwhile?” “How many times do I have to drive home wondering why I endured another business after hours without result?” “When will I finally find something tangible that I can hang my hat on that will lead to something?”

Maybe they should change the way job search is spelled to f-r-u-s-t-r-a-t-i-o-n.

A common tome that real estate agents proclaim to clients who have houses that can’t scare up a buyer is, “You only need to find one.”

That can apply to job seekers as well. Yes, it’s true that you only need to find one job, but it’s also just as true that if you only get one lead from that next networking event, if you only learn one thing from that next webinar – that just might be the one magic key that unlocks your next job.

Who’s to say? You won’t know if you don’t go to that business after hours. You won’t know if you don’t invest the time in that next webinar. You won’t know until you do it. And you only need to find one.



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