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Temporary Advantages

Temporary employment holds many benefits

– especially for older job seekers

➔ Virtually all job seekers want to work. Many job seekers will take almost any job – for any one of several reasons. Having a paycheck – even if it pales in comparison to what you had before – is a strong motivator. And there might be benefits that come along with it – another motivating factor.

But all is not rosy on the temporary side of the street. Many temp jobs are unpredictable. One never knows how much or how little work they’ll be give over a particular time, making wages unstable which makes it extremely difficult to manage your life.

Will it work for me?

Is temporary employment a sound choice for an older job seeker? That’s a tough question. And, unfortunately, the answer is “maybe.” It all depends on your circumstances: How long you’ve been out of work. How badly you need the money. What kind of work are we talking about – is it something that is even remotely connected to your desired landing spot, or not even close.

In the end, job seeker beware. Some less than scrupulous employers will take advantage of the temporary condition to milk its workers with zero consideration for what comes next. It’s another case of do your homework.

An important consideration is time. If you’re looking at a temporary situation completely outside your body of work, be wary of committing to too much time. Don’t forget you’re still looking for a permanent gig and you need to be able to devote sufficient time to that search.

On the other hand, if the work is related to what you were doing or to what you’re seeking, a greater commitment on your part may pay dividends. First, you’re working in your area. Second, it’s almost like having a job and everyone says it’s easier to find a job when you already have one.

Third, there is this thing called temp to perm. Many companies are dutifully impressed by their workers, so much so that they may be willing to look to their temp ranks when it comes to filling regular, full-time positions. Often, temporary workers have the “inside track.”

Temporary employment can be good strategy for you – it’s worked out well for many job seekers in the past. If the circumstances are favorable, it can be a real winner.


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