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Start Your Job Search with Re-search

Your first research challenge: study yourself

➔ For some people, starting a job search, that first thing on Monday morning, they’re all pumped up to start and they start calling companies on day one. They’re calling companies submitting their resumes to most any job opening that they can find on any jobs website.

You might say, “Good for them. Up and at ‘em. Hit the ground running. Dive right into the deep end of the pool.”

Despite those admirable observations, those first-attack job seekers are probably wasting a lot of their time, or worse, setting themselves up to fail.

Before going off all gung ho, take a deep breath and think about: Pause, Identify, Research.

Pause: Before you start your job search, ask yourself if you really know what you’re looking for and where do you think you’re most likely to find it. Do you want the same kind of job you just left? Another big company? Another small start up? Or, is this the perfect time to investigate changing careers to do something that you’re passionate about?

Identify: Taking that time to pause will help you identify precisely what you want to do and where you can possibly do it. Think less of what kind of job can you get and think more about what kind of job you want.

Research: Once you know which street on which you want to trudge, then you can start looking at the individual houses on that street. If you don’t know where you’re heading, there is a small probability that you’ll ever get there.

Before you can start researching any company, any market, any industry, you had better spend some time researching yourself. If you do your research before you do your active job search, you can expect to have a much more effective job search.


Joseph Ortenzi, MA, CRC

Skills Enrichment Group, Inc.


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