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Meetings during your job search should be a positive experience

Among the many pieces of advice given to job seekers is to stay positive. We couldn’t agree more.

While it’s easy to get down on yourself (for any one of a number of reasons), you resist than temptationi and must maintain the rosy glow being positive. Look at it from their point of view, who wants to hire Debbie Downer?

Sometimes, an interviewer may try to turn the tables on an applicant. Be wary of those interviewers who are fishing for ways to draw out any negativity you may be harboring. "What went wrong at your old job?" they may ask. Don’t fall for it. Keep it positive.

No matter what, it’s never a good idea to go negative – about your old job, your old company, your old boss, your old co-workers, etc. It’s part of your interview preparation. Even though it may take some searching (even soul searching,) make certain that you can say something positive about every aspect of your previous position.

  • Your old job – You enjoyed the challenges it presented. You learned a lot.

  • Your old company – A long-standing, well-respected company. A market leader.

  • Your old boss – He drove me to produce more than I had previously. He was stern, but fair.

  • Your old co-workers – A dedicated crew. Many had been with the company for years.

Of course these reasons are completely made up, but you get the idea. Even though your previous job may have been distasteful, you have to be prepared to say something positive.

We’re positive about this.


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