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One More Thing Before I Go

One more thing – actually it’s three more things, but who’s counting – before departing from an interview, remember to do these three things.

One — always thank interviewers for their time. Even though it may be in their best interest to speak with you, it’s always a good idea to recognize that they gave you some of their time – time which they could have given to someone else. Thanking them for their time is a demonstration of professionalism and courtesy.

Two — confirmed whatever decisions you may have agreed to during the interview. Maybe you’ve agreed to follow up in one or two weeks; maybe you’ve agreed to forward some information (i.e. work samples, etc.) to the interviewer; maybe the interviewer has agreed to reach out to a colleague or someone else who may be able to help you in your job search; maybe you’ve agreed to reach out to someone whom the interviewer has mentioned or whom the interviewer has recommended that you contact. Whatever it is, consider it a commitment that is to be completed within a designated period of time.

Three — ask if you can connect with the interviewer on LinkedIn. The key word here is “ask.” Never presume that, just because you just interviewed with this person, you are entitled to connect with them. Going back to our earlier comment, it’s just being professional and courteous to ask first. If they’ve given you their permission, during the application request, be certain to include a personal note. That is, do not submit a bare invite, you have the option and wherewithal to include a short, personal note in your connection request. Take advantage of it. It doesn’t need to be extensive. Just short and to the point. Make it something that will be obvious that a little time and consideration have gone into it.

Although number one is pretty much a given, suggestions two and three share one thing in common – they are both built upon the premise of attempting to keep conversation going and to move the entire process forward. Not to mention to helping to build a relationship with the interviewer.


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