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On Your Mark, Get Set


You’re off and running in the midst of a race to the top and you didn’t even know it. Or, did you?

You are in a race. Job seeking is a race. The job is out there and there is some significant number of people out there chasing after it. Even in today’s favorable job market, one must admit that it’s rare to be the sole applicant in search of a specific opening. There’s usually a crowd.

And they’re running. You’re running. You’re all running after that elusive job.

Running and competing. In an athletic sense, it seems obvious. The runner moving the fastest wins the race.

In a job search race, maybe it’s not so obvious, but it’s just as true. The fastest runner will get there first. And how do you get to be the fastest runner? The job seeker who gets off to the fastest start is in control.

What consists of a job-seeking fast start? An up-to-date, professional resume – one version for hard copy and one appropriate for digital submission – is a good place to start.

Having a plan and working your plan for establishing networking connections that could possibly lead to a job is important. Using LinkedIn as an integral part of your networking effort is just as important. Also including LinkedIn as a major research will speed your job seeking.

You’ll pull away from the pack if you’re diligent about doing your research. Study potential companies and scour those companies (you can do this through LinkedIn) for possible connections who you may know or to whom you may want to reach out, and you’ll find yourself well out in front.

It is a race. But it’s race that less dependent on speed than committed diligence. However, if you’re diligent, you’ll find yourself well out in front of the competition.


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