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Measuring Up

Are you quick to judge working at a non-profit?

➔ Our industry insiders tell us that there has been a recent uptick and increased job activity in the non-profit sector. Before you jump to any conclusions, this can be good news.

Although your particular circumstances may dictate otherwise, looking at positions within the non-profit world may not be a bad thing. It’s been our experience that non-profits recognize and appreciate experience – above all else – as well as many of the other job-related traits that the 50+ job seeker brings to the table.

Peeling back the onion

Yes, non-profits generally do pay less than organizations in the for-profit world. In the reality of today’s job market, however, if you’re over 50 and looking – especially if you’ve been looking for a while, it’s not likely that you ultimately will be making as much as you were in your last job. You may not want to hear that, but that’s the ugly truth.

The good news is that a hungry non-profit organization may be willing to not only pay more – and quite possibly more than the low-ball offer you might be presented in the for-profit world – but they may be very likely to offer you a higher profile and more responsibility, making your position more challenging and ultimately more enjoyable for you.

And there’s another consideration as well. Many people in our age bracket are fed up with the corporate rat race, and many would love nothing more than to have an opportunity to give something back to their communities. Working at a non-profit organization fits perfectly into that scenario.

If any of this fits into your job-search world, then go for it!


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