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Making Your List

Job seekers have a long checklist of things to do

All job seekers have long lists of things to do as part of their job searches. This is true for young and old job seekers alike.

In addition to your general list – update your resume and LinkedIn, identify target persons and companies, etc. – there are more detailed lists for when there is an opportunity surfaces. When you have an interview scheduled – and this is true for an informational interview, an in-person interview and even a virtual, online interview – there is yet another list to check off.

Just as you will do homework on the company, the job in question, the interviewer, etc., the interviewer has a checklist as well. That list will include the obvious – reviewing your resume, etc. – but in today’s job market it also will include reviewing your LinkedIn profile as well as doing a general search of all social media to see where – and in what context – you might turn up.

And don’t think for even a fleeting moment that the social media component of that background review isn’t important. It is. And we have proof.

There is a company in Dallas that has a YouTube channel showing people who park their cars illegally in the company parking lot being towed. Some are quite humorous. The one we will share with you is not. In fact, it has a somewhat tragic ending.

Don’t think that scrubbing your social media presence is important in a job search? Watch this. And watch it all the way to the end. (It’s only 6:36.)

Part of the title the company gave this segment is “Job Search Karma.” And it is every bit that.


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