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When you get down to it, a job interview is just a conversation

➔ To make it a real conversation, we need to ensure the give-and-take. Done well, you’ll learn a lot more about the job and the company, and, they will learn a lot more about you. (Presumably only more good things.)

Job seeking on your toes

If you’re a serious job seeker, no doubt you have prepared answers to some of the conventional questions that usually pop up in an interview. But, have you ever thought about the follow-up question? You know, the interviewer asks “A”; you respond with your well planned and thought out “B”; and then the interviewer comes back with… what?

What questions may be generated from your response and how ready are you to respond to them?

Many journalists for whom interviewing is a daily task will tell you that the most difficult part of their interviews is listening carefully to the subject’s response, and from that crafting their next question(s).

If you can do that, you’ll have many more engaging, interesting and rewarding conversations.

A job interview is no different. Anyone can anticipate the questions and prepare suitable and favorable answers. Those who can anticipate the responses and where to go from there are the real winners.


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