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Know Who Your Friends Are

Sometimes job seekers are surprised

➔ What’s that old phrase? “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” Although Sun Tzu wrote that in “The Art of War” centuries ago, can it also be applied to today's job seekers?

While some view job seeking as a war as in to the victor go the spoils (the victor being the one who gets the job,) it’s considerably more genteel than warfare. For one thing, you rarely cross paths with your opponents. Above and beyond that, we’ve heard job seekers lament that the employers (and those who represent them) are actually the enemy. Really?

What’s the motivation

We won’t argue the point about the other job candidates being at war with you (and vice versa?), but upon closer examination may the employers (and their minions) are probably more like your allies.

For example, the other job candidate is vying for that opening just as you are. That sounds like opposition. Fight to the death (not literally) and all that.

But the employer? Unless you give them reason, why would they be at odds with you? Think about it.

They have an opening. They’re looking to fill that opening. They need to fill that opening. They want the best person possible to fill that opening. (Presumably, you!) They want you to succeed. If you’re successful, that reflects well upon them. If they choose poorly, it’s not going to end well (the employee will quit or be fired) and then they will have to fill that job again. Sounds like more work for them.

In this case, your friend is the person who has a vested interest in your success. Be it the hiring manager, the recruiter, etc., they want you to succeed.


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