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Job Seekers and Companies on LinkedIn Can Now Instantly See If an Applicant Is a Match for a Role

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When a job seeker sees your job post on LinkedIn, there’s one key piece of information they want to know: are they a fit? However, knowing how they match up to your role just by reviewing the description takes time and isn’t always easy. Our research shows that candidates are often not sure what are the absolute must-have qualifications in order to apply and sometimes this turns great prospects away from your jobs.

This is the exact problem that LinkedIn’s new How You Match feature hopes to solve. A job seeker who views a job post on LinkedIn will see real-time analysis based on their LinkedIn profile, showing them which requirements they meet, and where there are gaps. Candidates who are a strong match to the requirements can move forward with confidence. If there are important gaps, candidates can easily update their profile to capture their relevant experience or skills, or continue looking for a better fit.

Enabling candidates to self-select based on real-time analysis of their fit means that recruiters will see a stronger set of applicants. But even better, this same matching technology is also available in your LinkedIn job management page to make it easier for you to review candidates—without having to click and read through every profile and resume to find out more.


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