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It’s a Matter of Seconds

Job searches seem to have two speeds

Every good story has two sides.

On the one hand, job seekers lament the recent statistic that was reported which said the employers only spend an average of six or seven seconds reviewing a candidate’s resume before putting it the keepers file or discarding it.

Of course, that’s after the automated tracking system (ATS) is done with it. If your resume can make it past a computer that has been programmed to find a reason to eliminate it, the first human who sees it spends less time reviewing it than you spend tying your shoes.

That hardly seems fair. But the reality is that, as a job seeker, you’re not much better.

Today, many job seekers scan jobs boards for the latest position openings. However, according to LinkedIn, job seekers spend an average of 14 seconds reviewing a job posting before moving on.

What’s the rush? Sure you want to land a job as soon as possible, but can’t you afford more than 14 seconds to read a job posting?

Is it no surprise that LinkedIn claims that shorter job postings get far better responses than the longer more detailed ones? Of course this may vary from one industry to another, but take your time.

If you take the time to craft your resume so that it matches the job posting, it has a much greater chance to beat the ATS and land on someone’s desk. From there, if it’s matched well enough, the human reviewer may spend more than 6-7 seconds on it.

It’s your time, if you use it wisely, it will pay great dividends.


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