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Interview Perfect

Most jobs hinge on the interview. The old adage rings true: Practice makes perfect

Of all the things that are critical to your job search, arguably none is more important that the interview. Not only does the prospective employer have an up-close-and-personal opportunity to evaluate you, but you have your chance to pass judgment on them as well.

One reason many people have difficulty landing a job is that they don’t “interview well.” This could be due to any number of reasons, but if you haven’t searched for a job since the Reagan administration, it’s likely that your interview skills are not top notch.

Think about it. It's really hard to be good at something you've never practiced. When was the last time you interviewed for a job – real or otherwise. Well, maybe it’s time that you did some practicing.

How do you practice for an interview? The other day we talked about a job-search buddy. If you have one, you should be mock interviewing one another – especially right before an important interview.

If you don’t have someone like that think about who might be willing to help. A friend, a former co-worker, a colleague or even a spouse would be a good choice. Still stumped? Go to a job seekers group and try to befriend someone there. Worst case scenario, interview yourself in front of a mirror.

Another tactic: once you’re comfortable with your answers to some of the most asked questions, practice them in the car when driving to the interview. You should be able to hear how you sound and to prepare for those occasional stumbles we all have.

The job interview. Is there a more important scenario when it’s critical for you at the top of your game? And how can you be at the top of your game without practice. After all, practice makes perfect.


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