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I Object!

Most older job seekers face issues based solely on their ages

There are a lot of myths surrounding older job seekers. “They take too many sick days.” “They not up to date on the latest technology.” “They’re resistant to change.” Etc., etc., etc.

While these types of objections may be flat out age discrimination, some are not. Sometimes it’s just hiring managers buying into the assumptions that created those myths in the first place.

And let’s not forget, it’s part of the hiring manager’s job to find a reason – any reason – to eliminate you as a candidate. And if you don’t have an answer for one of their ill-founded myths, that’s precisely what they’ll do.

How does one respond to these myths?

Go back to the idea that looking for a job is part of the sales process. Your support materials – your resume, your LinkedIn profile, etc. – are the marketing component. They all help tell your story.

But the actual job seeking – the networking, the interviewing, etc. – that’s part of the sales process. You’re selling yourself as well as your abilities and capabilities.

It’s a normal part of the sales process for potential customers to have objections to whatever the sales pitch may be. “Your price is too high.” “We’ve been using our current supplier for years.” etc.

When faced with such objections, a good salesperson will immediately counter with reasons why those claims don’t hold water. In the sales world, this is called overcoming objections. Good sales people are trained in how to overcome objections.

If you’ve been following the parallels here, and you’re faced with objections to your employment, maybe it’s time to contact a successful sales person you know and ask for a quick course on overcoming objections.

If you’re faced with objections, why not seek the counsel of someone who is trained in overcoming objections?


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