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Embrace the Alternative

Adding a new layer of adversity for older job seekers

For years job-search experts have been going on about how looking for a job is so vastly different than it was decades ago. And they’re right.

If you’re over 50 and haven’t looked for a job in more than 20 years, you’ll probably learn very quickly just how much things have changed for job seekers. What worked so very well when you left school is so out-moded that it’s almost laughable.

Except that looking for a job past age 50 is nothing to laugh at.

Now just as you might be getting accustomed to using a recent tool like LinkedIn, here comes the Covid-19 mess. Now what are you supposed to do?

We believe that most recruiters believe that LinkedIn is now more important than ever. With limited in-person networking opportunities, online connections such as LinkedIn take on an elevated status.

Here’s an interesting take. Most job seekers early will develop a list of target companies. In today’s job search environment, doesn’t it make sense to follow those companies on LinkedIn as soon as you target them? You can put yourself in a position to learn a lot about those companies well before you even get to the point of approaching them for employment.

What’s more, even if it’s not a company on your target list, but you learn of a potential opportunity there, follow that company on LinkedIn before you apply. Once again, start as early as possible to begin building a knowledge base about what could be your next employer.

When you’re in an ever-changing environment, it pays to stay as much on top of things as possible.


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