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Don’t Worry. Be Happy.

As with so much in a job search, happiness is a two-way street

Who would ever accept a job knowing that they would hate it? Anyone? Maybe if the money was so ridiculously good you couldn’t say “No.” Maybe you’ve been looking for so long that anything looks good. Maybe if you knew it was short term and this job would be a good stepping stone to a better one. Maybe you have some deep, dark, ulterior motive.

Or, maybe it’s something else.

The bottom line is that very few people would ever accept a position under such circumstances. Why would you?

Think it through. You’re now in a job that you hate. Will you give it your best effort? Will you care enough to double check your work to make certain that it’s right? If you hate being there, will you get along with your co-workers? How difficult would it be to work with and/or collaborate with co-workers with whom you’ve never bonded or liked?

What’s the likelihood that this endeavor will end well?

But what about the employer? If they don’t like you, will they expend any effort to ensure that you’re content in your job? Will they offer you more benefits or a higher salary? Probably not.

Again, if they don’t like you, how likely is it that you’ll flourish in that job? Not very.

So, how do you know if they like you or if you like them? That’s why there are job interviews. In most cases, whether or not you’re comfortable with the people at this company – and they with you – will be pretty obvious early on. And if your collective gears don’t mesh, will this be a good fit for you, or should you just chalk this one up for experience and move on?

Your professional (and ultimately your personal) happiness is at stake.


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