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Don’t Drop Out of Sight

Job seeking is a long and laborious process

➔ Maybe you’ve admired XYZ Company from a distance for a long time. Maybe you’ve even thought, “Gee, I wonder what it would be like to work there.”

Well, now you find yourself in the job search world and your mind goes back to XYZ Company and you think, “Here’s my chance. I’ll submit my resume to XYZ.”

And the chase is on

You dutifully craft your resume. You do some background research to find out who the appropriate contact would be. You drop off your resume with the company and you’re off and running.

And now you’re congratulating yourself on a job well done – except you don’t have a job. XYZ hasn’t called back. Or, perhaps you spoken with someone there who told you that they weren’t hiring.

Do you assume that they’re not interested and move on? For starters, no matter who the company is, or what the situation is, until you actually get a bona fide job offer… you’re still out there. You don’t stop looking elsewhere.

But what about XYZ? You really were interested in working there.

So, here’s the tip: You can drop off your resume; but don't drop off their radar. Keep in touch. Make them realize that you’re still interested.

If you were fortunate enough to speak with someone, ask how often you can follow up. Every two weeks? Wait until the first of the month? If they won’t commit, suggest something. “How about if I contact you the first week of next month?” Rarely will they say, “No.”

The right amount of time to wait and the frequency of follow-up contacts will vary based on the company, or the individual. Whatever it is, unless you land another job, stay on their radar screen: call, email, drop by. Whatever it takes.

Persistence pays.

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