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Do You Work Here?

When researching a company don’t overlook the obvious

➔ It seems like we’re always talking about researching a company as part of your preparation for an interview. Yes, it’s a must. So, we ask: Is it possible to know too much about a company? Probably not – unless you learn something that would make you not want to work there.

Let’s not forget, this is a two-way street. In addition to preparing for an interview, you’re doing your research to determine if this organization is a place where you would want to work.

Keeping peeling back the onion

After you’ve exhausted all the usual suspects (i.e. Google, Glassdoor, Reference USA, LinkedIn, the library,, one of the most reliable sources of information about an organization is its employees. However, as with many things, there is a caveat.

It may be best to seek out former employees, but you can’t put too much stock in someone who has been gone too long – i.e. 10+ years. (In today’s job market, five years may be too long.)

When discussing what it’s like to work somewhere, former employees may be more likely to be more honest and more forthcoming than current employees who may be more guarded in their comments. On the other hand, if there are consistencies in their viewpoints, you might feel more comfortable in those assessments.

As always, consider the source.


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