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Coming Soon to a Job Search Near You

With the weather moderating, summer can’t be far behind

Think about it. When you were working, summer meant vacation. Time at the beach. Time with the kids. Picnics. Ball games. Etc., etc.

And now for the bad news, there is no vacation in job search.

Sure, the temptations are there — time off with the family, a little golf, a walk on the beach. Taking the summer off from your job search and getting back into it when the "kids go back to school" would be very easy.

But who ever said that a job search was easy?

Granted, the contacts that you have been nurturing may be on vacation. But not all of them. You may have more time on your hands now, but to conclude a successful job search, use that time wisely.

Not unlike the open time that is available around the holidays, summer is an excellent time to broaden your reach, expand your contacts and your target companies. LinkedIn is still there – as are all the people listed on the platform. And, as are all the company pages. Glassdoor is still there. The jobs boards are still humming. All the business databases are still in operation. It’s all there for your taking.

And with many of the Covid restrictions being lifted or relaxed, that presents more opportunities to meet face-to-face with contacts – old and new. Picture yourself with a former colleague having a cool beverage on the patio of your local coffee shop in the bright summer sun.

Sure beats sitting at home in your pajamas.

Summer is not the time to give up on your job search. Leave that to your competition.


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