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We had a colleague who wasn’t chatty but that didn’t matter

➔ Not everyone likes to talk. Most notably introverts shy away (no pun intended) from opportunities to have lengthy conversations. Unfortunately for them, being talkative is usually a plus during a job search.

Introverts do have an advantage however. Most introverts are good listeners and listening can be very helpful in networking situations and even in job interviews.

But if you’re trying to sell yourself – which is really what a job search is all about – being talkative should be a help to the process.

An interesting philosophy

The colleague we alluded to earlier had an interesting philosophy. No matter his job situation, he continually stated that he was always willing to talk to anyone. He felt that a conversation never hurt and that you never know what the other person might want to say.

Those conversations usually did not end in job offers but our friend was able to learn a lot about the job market, his industry and more. He felt that there was nothing wrong with “kicking the tires” on an opportunity. “You can always walk away,” he would say.

The not-so-subtle message for the job seeker is that it never hurts to talk to someone. If you’re afforded an opportunity for interview – regardless of whether or not you’re interested in the job – go for the interview. If nothing else, you’ll get some (probably much needed) practice at interviewing and you never know what you might learn – like our friend – about the job market, the industry (familiar or otherwise), salary information, etc.

So, go ahead. Kick the tires. You can always walk away.


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