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The truth may be brutal but it also can be brutally helpful

Whatever your age, that’s what you are. You can’t change it. There are no time machines. There is no fountain of youth. If you’re going to get ahead in this 21st Century, Covid-corrupted, upside down workplace, you had better own up to it.

It’s your age. Own it. Don’t avoid it. Put the Grecian Formula back on the shelf. Don’t believe for even a fleeting second that you’re going to hoodwink someone into thinking that you’re substantially younger than you are. You’re not going to fool anyone. Once they see you in the interview or on the Zoom call, they’re going to know.

And another thing. If they’re going to pass you over because of your age, there really isn’t a whole lot that you can do about it. And besides, do you really want to work for someone who would cast aside a potential employee because of their age? If that’s how they will treat you when you’re a candidate, imagine how they will treat you when you’re a full-time employee.

Your age is part of your personal brand. Just put it out there and get comfortable with it. In fact we heard a recruiter recently comment on an older worker’s resume. She said, “Your resume is your suit; feel comfortable in it.”

There is encouraging news on the age discrimination front. Some companies are waking up to the fact that older workers bring a lot to the table. That same recruiter also mentioned that more and more companies are looking for "levels of maturity" when hiring. That means you!


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