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Although it is now officially “fall” (or autumn, if you prefer), our headline has nothing whatsoever to do with the weather. True to our mission, we’re still talking about your job search.

The chill regarding your job search refers to not letting your job search go cold. If you don’t hear from a prospective employer after the second or third interview, don’t let that contact “go cold.” If they invited you back, there must have been something about you that they liked. To steal a line from an old advertising campaign: Reach out and touch someone.

Circle back around to your interviewer, hiring manager or recruiter to determine the status of that position. It could be that, for any one of a hundred reasons, filling that position was put on hold and you’re still in the running.

Worst case scenario is that they offered the position to someone else. Even if that other candidate accepted the job, it’s still in your best interest to follow up. According to Fast Company magazine, for a variety of reasons, as many as 30 percent of new hires leave within the first 90 days. This can put you back in the running.

Or, it could be that the person who was offered the position, turned it down (for any one of a hundred reasons.) Again, you’re back in the chase.

If they brought you back, they obviously have some interest in you. By circling back, you demonstrate your interest in them to the degree that they could have another position for which they might consider you. It’s worth a shot.

Another aspect of circling back concerns working with recruiters. It’s said that most recruiters recycle their on-file resumes after 2-3 months. Re-submitting your resume will put you back on their radar screens.

Regardless of the reason or the circumstances, the basic concept of following up is always a useful one during a job search. What’s the worst that can happen? What have you got lose?


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