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Bite Your Tongue

Being tight-lipped isn’t necessarily a bad thing

➔ You’ve heard people tell you how important networking is and you’ve gone to some networking events, but… You also know that you are not comfortable in those hyper-social settings. You’ve long known that you just might be an introvert.

Not a death sentence

On the surface that may seem like a stake through the heart of effective networking. How can someone who is an introvert be a successful networker? Well, there is a school of thought that claims that introverted people may make the best networkers.

How can that be? Everyone knows that extroverts can fire up a room and by the sheer force of their personalities leave memorable impressions for all those whose paths they cross. Yes, there is truth to that, but consider…

One of the most important traits of networking, is an individual’s ability to listen. And don’t introverts make the best listeners? Quite often that is precisely the case.

When you’re listening, you’re learning. As a job seeker at a networking event, what you’re learning is where there might be openings; what the company/hiring manager is looking for; what the salary expectations are; what the qualifications are; who will be making the final, hiring decision. All of these are critical components when offering yourself as a candidate for a particular job or at a particular company.

Because they are introverted, they are more comfortable not speaking and when they’re not speaking, they’re listening. They are gathering and processing information that could prove pivotal in their job searches. What’s more, if you’re listening, that means the other person is talking. And, at networking events, don’t people love to talk… especially about themselves.

And, let’s take it a step further. Good listening skills also are critical during the job interview. While interviewers may want learn more about you, they’re also prone to divulging all kinds of information about the jobs and what they’re looking for; their co-workers; the company and its culture; etc.


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