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Biding Your Time

Are you simply waiting for Covid to end?

It’s no news flash to state that these are extraordinary times. While it’s always taken older workers longer to find jobs that their younger counterparts, the Covid morass in which we’re enveloped has worsened search times for all age groups – mature workers not excepted.

And because of the Covid predicament, many job seekers have altered the way(s) that they are conducting their job searches.

What about you? Are you conducting your job search as if it were a full-time job? Or, are you simply waiting for the Covid quandry to end so that you can pursue your next position in earnest?

Many people don’t treat their job searches as full-time jobs. There are many reasons for that – many of which are completely justified. Family dynamics. Kids demands. Outside forces such as industry slowdowns, etc.

So, what about you? If, for whatever reason, you can’t devote 40 hours a week to a job search, are you at least using this time to prep for the future?

With some of your extra time, you can take a class. Many institutions (including libraries) are offering virtual classes – many of which are free. There are also innumerable courses being offered online from to While most courses can’t be applied to a degree, some do offer some level of certification.

If you have only a few hours one afternoon a week, that might be an ideal time to get back into the work world by volunteering at a local non-profit agency. The best news here is that, in virtually all cases, you get to pick what you want. The non-profits that would turn down an offer of free, volunteer help are few and far between.

If given some thought, there are other avenues by which you can use your time productively which may help your job search and may even help you in your next position.


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