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Just a few thoughts about working from home — successfully

Among the side effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, there is much talk about working from home. And given existing circumstances, there is a good possibility that working from home may be in your future. Of course, this is not to mention that looking for a job is a job, and for you – the job seeker – working from home is already a reality.

We have a lot of experience in this area, so here are a few tips.

First, make certain that you have a dedicated work area. Spare bedroom, in-home office, portion of a larger room – even a basement – anywhere may be suitable. In the end, it’s up to you and your circumstances as to what will work.

Second, make certain that everyone in your family knows that this is your “office” and when you’re “working,” it’s off limits. Don’t let them get into the habit of just barging in. A little professional courtesy works. Knock first.

Third, discipline yourself to work. When you’re in your office, you’re working. You’re not watching YouTube videos. You’re not climbing down the rabbit hole of the internet. As Sean Connery admonished himself in Goldfinger, “Focus 007.” This is not to say that you can’t take breaks. Just make sure that your 10-15 minute break doesn’t turn into 1½ hours.

Fourth, make certain that you have all the office supplies you need. Staples and a reliable stapler, tape, paper, rulers, paper clips, etc. You can’t afford to be breaking up your day unnecessarily to go hunting around the house, or worse, having to drive to the office supply store.

Fifth, speaking of the office supply store, do know where the closest one is and when it’s open? You may have to double check the hours. Many stores have altered their times due to the pandemic. Also, do you know where the nearest UPS store is? You may need it. How about the closest FedEx drop spot and where you can get FedEx supplies?

Sixth, and this is something many people overlook but you definitely do not want to take for granted. Your office, or your work area, is well lighted? And not with just any old desk or table lamp. Do you have enough light so that you can spend hours there and not develop eye strain? For your long-term health, it is very important.


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