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Are You the Toast of the Town?

If you’re a job seeker, that’s nothing to brag about

➔ A relatively new term – or at least a new meaning of an existing term – has come into vogue over the past couple of decades. Although its origins can be traced to being stood up for a date, “ghosting” is now being applied to the job market – both job seekers and employers.

There is no way of knowing which party is more guilty, but there is substantial evidence that suggests that neither side is without some culpability.

But wait! There’s more!

Regardless of who the guilty party ghosting is completely unprofessional and shows little, if any respect for the offended party. If you have no plans to hire me because of my interview – or whatever, would it kill you to let know. Phone message. Email. Text. It’s not like there aren’t a variety of media from which to choose. Just let me know. I’m an adult. I can handle rejection. Just let me know.

The same is true for job seekers. If you’re not interested in the job, the company, the salary, etc. Let your contact person know. You don’t need a full-blown, detailed explanation. Just a simple, “I don’t feel like this is the right position for me.” Was that so tough? The same is true if you accept another position while you’re still technically in the running for another spot.

Another no-no is “roasting.” (Probably because it rhymes with “ghosting.”) Roasting refers to those job seekers who continue to interview after they’ve accepted a position – with an agreed upon salary and start date. At that point, you may want to start cutting some ties.

Last, but not least, there is “toasting.” (Again, give deference to the rhyming factor.) Once you’re negotiating the final terms of your new position, this job seeker continues to ask for more and more. “In addition to the two weeks vacation and five sick days, I’d like an additional 10 personal days.” And so forth.

It all comes down to consideration for the other party (on both sides) with a little added professionalism thrown in for good measure.


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