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And Your Problem with that is…

Many employers have ideas about you that need to be challenged and changed

Employers can be very creative in finding ways to deny an applicant a position within their companies. Some of these reasons are legitimate, others less so. Some are even illegal. But these reasons, they do abound.

Included among the illegal reasons to deny employment is age. Some say that ageism is far more prevalent than anyone could ever guess. Others say that ageism is very difficult to prove in a court of law.

What leads to ageism?

There are many misperceptions among employers (and others) as to why an older applicant may not be right for the job. While some may apply to an individual applicant, they cannot be taken as generalizations to be applied to a whole demographic. Hence the whole concept of ageism.

Among these misperceptions are:

  • Older Workers are Slow & Less Productive

  • Older Workers are Less Likely to Stay on the Job

  • Older Workers Will Be Retiring Soon

  • Older Workers Have Trouble Learning New Skills

  • Older Workers Cost More

  • Older Workers Are Sick More Often

  • Older Workers Cost More to Insure

The bad news for the employers and the good news for the older candidates is that none of these claims are true. The Nifty50s have prepared a booklet – Myths and Facts About Older Workers – citing all the reasons why these misperceptions are, in fact, false.

You can download a free copy of this booklet here.

As you read it, you can arm yourself with factual evidence why none of those claims are true. Armed with the truth, you’ll be in a much better position combat some of the major reasons that ageism remains as prevalent as it is today.


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